Apply for a Loan

What you need:


You must be a member of the Credit Union

MRFCU membership is available to all members of the Long Island Board of Realtors® (LIBOR), their relatives, and employees of LIBOR and their relatives. Relatives of current MRFCU members are also eligible.

If you are currently not a member, please visit our Membership page to get started!



You need to submit a Loan Application

If you are applying with a Co-Borrower, they will also have to include their information on the application.

Additional Documents

When applying for a Loan you will need to submit:

  1. Income Verification (Such as a copy of last years 1040)
  2. A Copy of your Drivers License (or Passport)

If you are applying the a co-borrower or co-signer, please include the above documents for them as well.

To send us these documents, either fax them to 631-321-6371, or you can email them securely by going HERE.


How will you apply?