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What you need:

Membership Application

A Completed Application for Credit Union Membership must be submitted.

Since we will require your written signature for this, if you apply with the online application, all owners for the new account will be asked to complete a separate signature form after submitting the online application.

To see our terms and disclosures, go HERE.


Initial Deposit

All new Accounts must have an initial deposit of at least $25.00

If you are opening the account in person, at our office, you can make this deposit in person. However, if you are not opening your account in person, you can either submit an Electronic Transfer form, authorizing the credit union to withdraw your initial deposit from another account, or you can mail the check to our office.


You will also need to submit an up-to-date form of Government Issued Identification. This could be either:

  1. NYS Driver's License or Identification Card
  2. US Passport 

If you are applying the a co-borrower or co-signer, please include identification for them as well.

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