Share-Secured Loans

Make your own Loan Term 

Competetive Rates

Repayment Options 
with Fee-Free Skip Payments



   Up to 90% of Pledged Amount

   Variable Terms based on your needs 

   As low as 3.00% APR




Current Share-Secured Rates

60 Months

3.00 %



Price per Thousand

72 Months

3.25 %



Price per Thousand

84 Months

3.50 %



Price per Thousand
More Terms Avaliable

12 Months | 3.00 % APR∗

$84.69 Price per Thousand

24 Months| 3.00 % APR∗

$42.98 Price per Thousand

36 Months | 3.00 % APR∗

$29.08 Price per Thousand

48 Months | 3.00APR∗

$22.13 Price per Thousand

60 Months | 3.00% APR∗

$17.97 Price per Thousand

72 Months | 3.25APR∗

$15.31 Price per Thousand

84 Months | 3.50% APR∗

$13.44 Price per Thousand

96 Months | 3.75% APR∗

$12.07 Price per Thousand

108 Months | 4.00% APR∗

$11.04 Price per Thousand

120 Months | 4.25% APR∗

$10.24 Price per Thousand

132 Months | 4.50% APR∗

$9.62 Price per Thousand

144 Months | 4.75% APR∗

$9.12 Price per Thousand

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A Share-Secured Loan is a way to borrow against your own funds. Many choose this option to take advantage of a lower interest rate while still earning our high savings interest, or, to make sure they repay themselves.

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