What is Membership?

Metro Realtors Federal Credit Union, or MRFCU, is a financial institution devoted to providing top quality financial services to the community of Realtors® on Long Island.

Credit Union Membership is only available to members or employees of LIBOR, and their family members. Only Members of the credit union can take advantage of our services and benefits.

There are no fees or costs associated with joining MRFCU.

MRFCU, has a specific, community charter with the NCUA. That means that unlike some 'community' credit unions, not everyone that lives in the area is able to join. This makes the services that we provide exclusive to those eligible.

Why become a Member?

Since MRFCU is a non-profit organization, your membership makes you a share-holder, or owner.

Rather than focusing on making profit for a group of investors, we manage your deposits in a way that brings you, our member/owner, the most benefits.

The more support we receive from the Realtor® Community, the more we can help that same group of people with their financial needs.

We offer many our Fee-Free Services:

  • Savings and Checking
  • Surcharge Free ATM Network
  • Online Banking
  • Nation-wide Branch Access

We provide competitive lending offers:

  • Auto Loans at virtually unbeatable rates
  • Debt Consolidation options
  • Unsecured Personal Loans
  • Mortgage Loans 

 MRFCU is run democratically. This means that every member has the right to vote on who will serve on the Board of Directors. This takes place during our Annual Meeting. For more information on when our next Annual Meeting is Scheduled, see our About us Page.

For more information visit either: Banking or Loans 

How to Become a Member?