Long Island Realtors® Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution.We are sponsored by LIBOR, and although we are separate from LIBOR, we focus on extending benefits to its’ members.

As a credit union, we support the idea of working together as a community to bring above average financial services to all our members. Our community that works together is the Realtors of Long Island.

Our Credit Union organized by a Volunteer Board of Directors, who are voted into office at our yearly annual meeting. We also currently have 5 employees who manage the daily operation tasks of the credit union.


Board of Directors

Anthony A Russo – Chariman

Paul Wernersbach – Vice-Chairman

Moses Seuram – Treasurer

Barbara McDonough – Secretary

Elizabeth Curran

Nino Perdomo

Joseph E. Mottola

Susan Helsinger

Melvyn Farkas

Tony Smith

Yoshinori Takita

Peter Caruso

Marian Fraker-Gutin


Cathleen Nolan


Luisa Harman – Chief Operating Officer

Justin Devery

Johnathan Mazzurco

Narda Nesbeth


To learn more about us and our programs, visit the FAQ.