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As a Non-Profit Credit Union, banking with MRFCU makes you a Member and an Owner.

We are structured so that we can focus on bringing our members the best quality banking services and products. Being a smaller credit union helps us to focus on each of our member’s needs and provide them top quality service.

How do I Become a Member?

Becoming a member is easy. If you are eligible, all you need to do is Apply to open an Account. Every new member must open a savings account with at minimum deposit of $25.

This savings account is considered a “Share-Savings”. That means that by your opening an account, and depositing, you become a part owner of MRFCU! You have a say in your credit union, such as during our annual meeting when we nominate and vote in our volunteer board of directors.

Once you open your savings account, you are now able to apply for and take advantage of all of our other banking and lending services!

Who is Eligible for Membership?

Unlike some credit unions, MRFCU has a specific field of membership in our Charter with the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration). This means MRFCU will only provide exclusive financial services to a specific group of people. MRFCU membership accounts are exclusively available to open to all individual REALTORS in New York State, local boards and employees throughout New York State. Additionally, all REALTORS’ immediate-related family members are also eligible. 

Because MRFCU focuses its unique financial products and services to a select group, we are able to provide services customized to better meet their needs. If eligible, take advantage of our lower cost loans and higher earning savings, plus the superb services we provide specifically for our members!

Is there a Cost for Membership?

There is no cost for membership. MRFCU is a non-profit institution. We do not have a separate group of investors that we are looking to please financially. As a credit union, our members are our investors and owners. Because of this, your concerns, our member’s concerns, are the most important to us.

We charge no service fees, membership fees, or maintenance fees. Rather than there being a cost, our members end up saving money by using our services!

Does MRFCU offer Business Accounts?

Our business accounts are Free, Simple and Convenient.

Business account must maintain a $2,000.00 balance, but there are no maintenance, membership or service fees. You gain access to our convenient banking services, such as our Free Checking, High Yield Savings Accounts, and Nation-wide Shared-Branching and ATM Access!