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Smarts Starts Early Youth Savings Account

Metro Realtors Federal Credit Union offers a savings account program to the minor relatives of its members to improve liquidity. Following are the guidelines of this program.




ELIGIBILITY: Minor relatives up to 21 years of age, of credit union members. Proof of age and social security number is required.


SIGNERS: A member parental or custodial account holder is required for minors up to 16 years of age.


DIVIDENDS: Accounts that maintain a minimum balance of $2500 may earn 5.0% APY on the first $2500 dollars. Balances above $2500 dollars may earn daily dividends as declared by the Board of Directors.   

FEES: Fees will be assessed for NSF transfers. Fee items may be changed as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.   

CLOSING ACCOUNTS: Savings accounts may be closed by the member after all outstanding items have been cleared. It may also be closed by the Credit Union if it is determined that abuse of the account has occurred, in which case the member shall be notified of the account closing by certified mail.   

ABUSE OF ACCOUNTS: Abuse such as continued negative balances will not be allowed. The account will be closed immediately, and the proper individuals notified of the problem.   

INSURANCE OF SHARES: The Credit Union will insure member accounts through the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund.   

OVERDRAFT POLICY: Overdraft is not offered.