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What you need:

1. Valid Membership – If you are not yet a member of the credit union, you can complete a Membership Application application by using our Forms Page.

2. Completed Form –You need to submit an Account Additions & Changes form to request a change of service.

Some adjustments to your account, such as a change in address, can be submitted but a signed letter complete by an account owner, or even through our online banking. We may request that you submit supporting documents for certain account adjustments. Forms Page

3. Identification – You will also need to submit an up-to-date form of Government Issued Identification.

This could be either:

  • NYS Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • US Passport

If your account will have a joint owner, please include identification for them as well.

What you can do:

Add a Service: We offer a variety of services to our members. You want wish to add services such as:

  •  A checking account or debit card
  • A separate savings account

Update Information: You can update any of the following information that needs to be adjusted:

  • Your Current Address or Contact Information
  • Legal Name Changes

Adjust Ownership: Your can do the following to adjust your account ownership:

  • Add or Change Beneficiaries
  • Add a Joint Owner

Just fill out an Account Additions & Changes form to request a change of service.  Forms Page