Checking Accounts

No Required
Minimum Balance

No Maintenance
or Service Fees

Surcharge Fee ATM
and Debit Card Usage

Nationwide Access at
Thousands of Locations

With MRFCU's free checking, you don't have to worry about a minimum balance, direct deposit requirements, maintenance fees or having a required number of transactions.

You also get a FREE Debit Card that can be used at more than 30,000 ATM locations nationwide.


Checking accounts as they should be: Simple, Fee-Free and Accessible!

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Access your account through our Online Banking to

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• Instantly Transfer Funded Between your MRFCU accounts

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I Open a Checking Account?
How do I Open a Checking Account?
When you become a member of the credit union, you are opening up a savings account.  At this time you can also choose to open a checking account. You cannot open a checking account without a savings account.

If you do not yet have an account, or your are not yet a member, Click Here.

If you are already a member of the credit union, you already have a savings account with us! To add a checking account, or to request a debit card, Click Here.

How do I get a Debit Card?
How do I get a Debit Card?

In order to have an ATM Debit card, you must first open a checking account. At the time of opening a checking account, you can request to have a card issued to you.

Since an ATM Debit card must be requested, you may have a checking account but not a Debit Card. If this is the case, you can always request a Debit Card Here.

Where do I Get Checks?
Where do I Get Checks?

If you wish to purchase checks for your account, or refill and order of checks, go to Make sure you use our routing number and your complete 10 digit checking account number.

You can also visit any other check printing company, and simply provide them with your account and routing numbers.



MRFCU's Main Office is Located at:

346 Sunrise Highway
West Babylon NY 11704


For nationwide convenient access, find a location closer to you!



Main Office:




After Hours Debit Card Support:


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Your membership with MRFCU begins with a savings account. In fact, your savings account makes you an owner of the credit union!

Our savings accounts have above average interest, and costs you nothing!

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In addition to have a savings account with the credit union, you can choose to open a checking account.

There is no minimum balance and there are no service fees. Just easier access to your deposits.

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Certificate of Deposit

MRFCU is now offering Certificates of Deposit (CD's) at competitive rates!

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All of our forms, digital and/or printable, can be found at the below web page:

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Online Banking

Your account is just one touch away with our Online Banking Access.

View you account, request transfers, view statements and more.

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Online Banking

Business Accounts

MRFCU is happy to provide business accounts to our members!

Business banking done right: Free, Simple & Convenient!

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